With our full range of capability and our large capacity, we can make blanks in high volume consistently and quickly.  Our capability can be divided into the following areas.

Coarse Sawing and Waterjet Cutting

Most jobs start out through this area to convert larger raw material into sizes that can be machined easily on our other equipment.  Read more >

Core Drilling, Edge Grinding, and Centerless Grinding

Through this area, we can core    drill discs and rods to a diameter slightly larger then the finished size.  Then we can either   edge  grind discs on our lathes, or centerless grind rods to your final diameters.  Read more >

Precision Beveling

We have 3 robotic loading machines to bevel and center discs to your  final size.  Read more >

Precision Slicing

The largest volume of parts goes through our slicing room.  With 23 CNC controlled machines, we can handle large quantities repeatedly and quickly.  Read more >

Wire Sawing

Our Meyer Berger Wire Saw can slice high volumes of parts quickly and efficiently, with minimal kerf and defects.  Read more >

Surface Grinding and Spherical Generating

No blanking shop would be without flat grinding and spherical generating.  Our equipment can flat grind up to 43″ square and generate curves   in discs up to 20″ diameters.  Read more >

CNC Machining

Our CNC equipment allows us to perform many different drilling and milling operations accurately and consistently.  Read more >