Materials with low thermal expansion (some extremely low). Typical uses are substrates, test flats, and mirrors. We have a large stock of low expansion and ultra low expansion materials.

We stock the following low expansion materials:

CDGM H-PZ-33, Corning Pyrex, Schott Borofloat, Schott Supremax,and others.

We stock the following ultra low expansion materials:

Corning ULE, Corning TSG, Ohara Clearceram, Schott Zerodur, and others.

We can select the materials we stock for:

Stress Birefringence, Striae, Bubbles/Inclusions


Corning Pyrex
Schott Borofloat
Schott Supremax
Corning ULE
Ohara Clearceram
Schott Zerodur