Materials with low thermal expansion and high transmission. Uses range from substrates to high powered laser systems. We have an extensive stock of fused silica and fused quartz. We can supply all quality levels from industrial grade to high grade homogeneity, bubble free grades including 2-directional and 3-directional, and excimer grades. The materials range from UV to IR grades as well.

We stock the following manufacturers:

Corning, GE – Momentive, Heraeus Amersil, Ohara, Schott, Tosoh, and others.

We can select the materials we stock for:

Stress Birefringence, Striae, Homogeneity, Bubbles/Inclusions


Corning 7979, 7980, 8655
Heraeus Catalog
Ohara Summary Sheet
Tosoh Fused Silica Glass
Tosoh Optical Fused Silica